Try some beauty tips to look beautiful

Everyone would wish to look fabulous continuously and for this they need to follow certain beauty secrets. The following are the various tips which one need to follow in their daily beauty routine for better results that they have ever seen before.

Best hair tips:

  • Tuck hair behind your ears while drying: by following this step your hair gets the right movement that it needs without using any additional products.
  • Use an old T shirt instead of hair towel: this prevents breakage and fizziness of hair. It also gives you much softer and shinier curly hair
  • Try paper towel for beachy waves: this will help you to get the beach wave hairstyle without even using a blow dryer.
  • For defined curls go for squishing: using the hair products right after shower when your hair is still wet can give you a bouncy, frizz free and defined curls.
  • Strainer works best: when one wants to get the glossy blow- dried curls one can use a strainer which would work amazingly as a diffuser. 

Best makeup tips:

  • Dusting powder twice on eyelids: use loose powder before and after eye makeup so that it stays for a longer time.
  • Use tiny brush for lashes: choosing a tiny and thin brush for applying mascara is the best option to prevent overdone lashes.
  • Wiggle the wand: apply mascara with wiggling brush through lashes from bottom and then go up. 
  • Tap gloss over higher cheekbones without the highlighter: highlighting the cheekbones over the makeup always makes you look great.
  • Trace brown liner under the lashes: it gives definite more definition to your eye lashes. 
  • Brush brows up: always use a clear gloss over the brows so that you can keep them in place for a longer period of time.